Hosts since 1911: Family Ederer

Cosmopolitan attitude based on tradition

Today, the fourth generation of the Ederer family lives hospitality. Not just relatives but also staff members are part of this family. Many of our employees have started as apprentices at a young age – and have stayed. The joint life and work has an impact on each staff and family member.

The Ederer’s tradition as apprenticing company is far-reaching. High-quality training is just as important as the spreading and sharing of values such as friendliness and reliability. Reconciling family life and work is becoming more and more important, and again the Ederer takes a new approach.

We would like to introduce some of the team representing the Ederer.

First, there is Petra Ederer, the manageing lady boss. She is an enthusiastic host which is appreciated by younger and older restaurant guests alike. Petra is also a sought-after expert caterer. She especially enjoys weddings, as to her they are twice the fun to work for. Beside Petra there is Reinhard Ederer, in short: the boss. He is the culinary expert and has an exact overview of all operational processes. Be it the hotel or the restaurant, at seminars or catering events: Reinhard knows exactly who and how and where and when. Whenever he reaches for the apron, gourmets from near and far rejoice.

The senior managers Grete and Sepp Ederer stand for the constants in a family business that has undergone great transformation over time. A small hotel has developed into a popular meeting place for seminar participants as well as holiday guests. Grete and Sepp Ederer were also leading the way for the whole region by relying on the high quality provided by local producers.

Nikolaus Büchel is the right contact person for accounting and marketing issues. He also holds responsibility for the front office and the administration. An energetic young man with a proper understanding of figures and facts and an open-minded nature, who does get along well with the strong and sometimes challenging character of the people in Eastern Styria.